Which Western singers, rappers and more that have shown support or recognition for K-pop & it’s artists. Check it out below the cut!

Here’s our list, feel free to comment with any we’ve missed.

  • Will.I.Am & Black Eyed Peas – For their association and work with 2NE1
  • Nicki Minaj – By association of Will.I.Am and the MV for ‘Check It Out’ – Would she count?
  • Jeremy Scott – Another Blackjack and a good friend of CL’s.
  • Michael Bay (Director) – Praised Rain’s acting skills, rounded off with a hilarious rendition of his ‘Love Song’ dance.
  • Diplo – Has worked/is working with GD&TOP and praised them multiple times on his twitter.
  • Teddy Riley – Work with Rania and praised BIGBANG, TVXQ and Yangpa.
  • Lady Gaga – Previously sought out to collaborate with YG’s Teddy – only to be shot down – and has praised Heechul’s infamous rendition of her.
  • Deborah Cox – Praised Wonder Girls’ Yenny.
  • Jonas Brothers – Had the Wonder Girls support them on a tour.
  • Jonathan Ross – Previously attended the LKFF, and has been tweeting about SHINee – He used to be a member you know!
  • Flo Rida – Collaborated with GD at a concert after a copyright controversy. He had a lot of good things to say about GD in an interview.
  • Perez Hilton – A known K-pop fan, and has blogged multiple MVs with the highest of praises..
  • Justin Bieber – Suprised? Me too. Earlier this year he complimented a contestant of Korea’s Got Talent and even posted the video on his official Facebook page.
  • Rihanna – Had a meet and greet with 4Minute
  • Jedward – Praised Teen Top for their dance skills and linked a video on their twitter and met BIGBANG in Japan.
  • Ludacris – Ludacris was full of good words about YG and their artists. YG and Ludacris are now collaborating in promoting his ‘Soul’ headphones, and will reportedly collaborate on some songs.
  • Omarion – Shared a stage with BEAST on his Korean tour – who are fans of his.
  • Kanye West – Worked with JYJ on their english album.
  • Corrine Bailey Rae – Sang with IU at her concert in Korea.
  • Amerie – A western artist with Korean heritage, who previously performed with 4Minute on Music Bank.
  • The Wanted – Want to collaborate with a K-pop Band – specifically Super Junior.
  • Will Smith –  A recently revealed fan of the Wondergirls
  • Vanessa White – A member of The Saturdays who is a fan of 2NE1.
  • Ashley Tisdale – Reportedly another Blackjack, although has since removed her tweets. 
  • Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev – Actresses from Vampire Diaries who had an exchange of tweets revealing their love of 2NE1.
  • Pixie LottCollaborated with GD&TOP.
  • Daniel Radcliffe –  Was given an SNSD CD in an interview and expressed interest in the group.
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Hopefully, that list well continue to grow! Did we miss anyone?


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