We all heard it before, when someone says they ‘hate Kpop’ and they list all their reasons, all of which are the same – and actually wrong. This article sets out to correct those misconceptions – but of course, not everyone can be convinced. To see what we have to say, check it out below the cut.

Misconception number 1; All their songs sound the same.

In most cases, people happen to be talking about Super Junior. This is most likely because of their electronic sound and repetitive choruses, such as in Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr Simple and so on. But if we look a little deeper, and find non title tracks of Super Junior’s, they actually have a diverse range of music.



Does not sound like this:


Other Super Junior songs to check out: Superman, No Other, Don’t Don, Knock Out, Shake It Up

Also, what ever happened to the other genres? I’m sure that Block B’s Halo doesn’t sound like Boyfriend’s Boyfriend. There’s Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Dance, Ballad, R&B and so on. They can’t all sound the same!

Misconception number 2; They all lip-sync.

Some of them do, especially if they have complex choreography. I wont lie and say they never lip-sync, but non Kpop fans can’t say that their favourite bands haven’t either. But it’s what we have MR removed videos for.


Other MR removed videos to check out: BEAST, MBLAQ, TVXQ, 2AM


Misconception number 3; Their songs have no meaning.

This mainly comes from Westerners – even though I am myself – who can’t speak Korean, therefore are only hearing the English words – which by themselves are actually meaningless. But Korean songs, compared to Western songs, generally have a deeper meaning as they aren’t allowed to have songs about sex, drugs and so on. Therefore, love is the main topic of their lyrics.

Some meaningful songs: MBLAQ’s Tonight, BEAST’s Fiction, Super Junior’s It’s You, SHINee’s Obsession + any other ballad.


Misconception number 4; Their fans are all so immature.

Every, and I mean every fanbase has a lot of incredibly immature fans. But at the same time, there are many more mature fans. It just so happens that we’ll always remember the immature ones more – probably because they’ve done something stupid. Personally, if I was to generalise, I’d say that all Justin Bieber fans were 10 year old crazy little girls, but that’s because that’s the majority I’ve seen – I know it’s not true.

To say that an entire fanbase is the same would be the same as saying that an entire country’s music sounds the same (See point 1), it’s just not true.


Got any other misconceptions you’d like to share? Please comment below!

This article isn’t to convince the world that they ‘must love Kpop’, but to set the record straight, if you’re going to hate something then you should at least hate it for the right reasons, am I right?


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