The Korean Cultural Centre UK recent set hearts on fire with their recent update of the Korean Film Festival this year. They posted a picture on their wall, with the following caption:

2011 London Korean Film Festival Opening Gala Concert: SHINee in London
To open the 2011 London Korean Film Festival, it is our very great pleasure to announce that Korean pop sensation SHINee will be performing the first Kpop concert on the afternoon of 3rd November 2011 at the Odeon West End.

Date and Time: 4.30pm 3rd November 2011 (Thursday)
Place: Screen 2, Odeon West End, Leicester Square
Tickets: £20, £30
Tickets will go on sale online through the ODEON website.

So not only do we UK Kpop fans have the honour of having the United Cube concert, we’re now getting a taste of the SHINee World.

Take that France. 

This is great news, not just because SHINee are returning to London to give us the desired concert, but for the Hallyu Wave. Korean artists are finally realising the huge fanbase for Kpop in the UK.

SHINee will also be attending the screening of ‘The War of The Arrows’ after their concert, tickets for the screening are up on the Odeon site, so go get one!

UPDATE: The LKFF have uploaded a greetings video from SHINee! Tickets are on sale, but the phone line is down, you have to buy them in person from the Odeon.


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