KoreanCandy has launched a once in a life time competition, with a grand prize of working in a recording studio in Korea. Now’s your chance to achieve your Korean singing dreams! Check out the info below the cut.


What’s Required
To enter all you need to do are these simple things:
❏ Record a cover of a Korean song of your choice
❏ Upload the video to YouTube
❏ Send the link via the entry form. (Submission Fee of £10)
Note: All money raised from this competition will go towards having more exciting opportunities like this

❏ All entrants must be over the age of 16, anyone under 18 will need full permission from parents or guardians.
❏ This competition is worldwide so no matter what country you are from, you can enter!
❏ The cover song must be sung by the person entering and must be a Korean song.
❏ You do not have to be in the video, just your cover and a photo of the Korean Candy sign is fine.
❏ All videos must be sent by 12th February 2012 and the winners will be announced on the 4th of March 2012.
❏ You must be eligible to fly from the 20th of July 2011.
❏ Your cover video MUST have koreancandy.com in the title or else the video will not be accepted.
❏ Entrees will only be accepted once the entrance fee has been paid
❏ Submissions can only be made starting from December 1st

❏ One male and one female entrant will be chosen as 1st place winners.
❏ The lucky winners will be flown out to Seoul, Korea, FREE of charge on the arranged date in July.
❏ Winners will stay in a hotel in Seoul, also free of charge.
❏ You will spend 5 days helping out producer Chansung at his Seoul based studio, assisting him and also getting a chance to record you’re own songs!
❏ You will also have 4 free days to explore Seoul by yourself.
❏ Anyone that enters automatically will receive a Limited Edition Korean Candy Necklace
❏ There are also runner up prizes (more information to come on a later date)


Source: KoreanCandy


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