As many of you know, the team here at UnitedKpop were invited as press to the United Cube concert on the 5th of December at the O2 Brixton Academy in London. It may be a little delayed and incomplete – thanks to some huge video files – but here’s our coverage of the event. Photos:

111205 United Cube concert in London

111205 United Cube concert in London II

111205 United Cube concert in London III

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United Cube Playlist (More performances to be uploaded)

On arrival at the O2 Brixton at 10:30AM, we were surprised to find that a queue was already accumulating outside the venue, some of those in the queue had even waited overnight, braving the cold night armed with blankets.


A few more hours in and the queue began to fill out more, people began to dance and the MBC camera crew turned up to interview some people!

Eventually time passed and it grew dark, and the O2 Brixton Academy with it’s newly donned ‘United Cube’ sign, was lit up. With the dark, came colder temperatures, but numb hands and feet did nothing to stem the passion of UK Kpop fans who waved their homemade signs, cheered and sang loudly, highly anticipating the concert as the opening time drew in closer. Whilst upcoming broadcasting network JTBC surveyed fans, asking why they like Kpop, and they later interviewed us about UnitedKpop!



Finally doors opened and fans were welcomed into the warmth of the O2 Brixton Academy for a further 2 hour wait, whilst the UnitedKpop staff slipped in the stage door to retrieve our passes! Once inside and equipped with passes we headed upstairs to the VIP lounge, only to be greeted with the sight of G.NA mid interview! We took some shots and some footage of what turned out to be a very inspirational interview, G.NA truly has a passion for music.

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Once her interview was over, she was whisked away to get ready for the United Cube press conference in the green room. Then a few minutes later we were ushered along too. The CEO entered first, followed by managers and other staff. Then entered BEAST, each member charismatically greeting the press as they took their places, all looking cool and composed – not even a little nervous. Their calm attitude was very impressive, as I was having trouble keeping one myself!


The artists were then due to do a press meet in the VIP lounge, which really consisted of them sitting in the lounge for a minute before running off to interviews by the likes of KBS and MBC, but nonetheless we followed them through.


And then it was show time! All the pictures of which are in the albums on our Facebook listed above. Throughout the show we consistently took photos and videos of performances – maybe too many photos, 1,700…- but we didn’t forget to cheer too! Maybe not as loud and wild as the hardcore fans of standing, but we still cheered happily. Despite it being work, the staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the footage we took serves as a reminder of the day that Cube artists performed in the UK!

We hope that everyone that attended enjoyed the concert, and that everyone enjoyed this article whether you attended or not. Hopefully those that couldn’t attend can live the event through our footage! We also hope that we can cover more events for you all in the future, and bring you the HQ footage you crave.

Thank you all for reading and have a nice day!


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