We’re back again with another collaboration with the London Oxford Circus branch of HMV, along with fellow blogs Korean Class Massive and Hally UK. This time it’s a flashmob to help promote the K-pop section inside. For more info, keep reading.

Due to number issues, the meet is no longer going ahead. Instead we’re looking for between 15-25 people to come to HMV Oxford Circus for a flashmob, inside the store.

The flashmob will only last one song – Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry – and we’ll be signalled into place but Super Junior’s Super Man. This isn’t an SM mob but we found that the songs were most appropriate to catch people’s attention, and the dance of Sorry Sorry is easy to learn.

Sorry Sorry tutorial:Β http://youtu.be/lkBAWRTemLo

We will meet at the store at 1:30PM to prepare and the mob will start at 2:00PM. Music will be played over HMV’s speakers in store.

There will be a possible media presence too.

For those who still wanted a meet are welcome to turn up outside the store and create an awesome massive crowd outside πŸ˜› we could possibly plan to do something afterwards?

In store:

1. Myself
2. Kiah
3. Annamarie Marlow
4. Olesia Pototska
5. Rachael Nicholson
6. Chiara Fulgoni
7. Layla Ahmed
8. Stephanie Elf Jones
9. Benevolence Changara
10. Ellie Short
11. Elizabeth Jackson
12. Abbiee Jacko Jackson
13. AugustΔ— Lee
14. –
15. –
16. –

Check out the event page here.

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And get directions to the Oxford Circus HMV here.

There will be a media presence, such as the likes of CH4 and MTV too. We hope to see you there!


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