UKP Entertainment is our YouTube project, in every way it acts like an entertainment agency – except without the legal binding. The purpose is to provide a platform for UK K-pop fans to showcase their talents and their passion for K-pop. But there may be a surprise in store for a lucky few, read on to find out.

Who are we?

We’re still UnitedKpop, except this is our latest project. A YouTube channel which acts in the same way as an entertainment company would in order to provide a platform for the UK’s budding singers, dancers and rappers, all whilst showing Korea our passion for K-pop by posting these covers.

How does it work?

Basically, following a successful audition, you or your group will be assigned a manager. We’ll work together to post covers of K-pop songs and in the future we hope to do photoshoots and MVs for your covers. We also hope to present these to real agencies; we have a lot in store for you guys!

As one of our artists, you’ll have to create a stage name for yourself – unless you want to use your real name – and you’ll even have your own logo. It’ll be like a mini K-pop star experience, awesome right?

However, unlike a real entertainment agency, there will be no slave contract and you’re welcome to leave at any time you like. It’s all in the name of spreading a little K-pop fun! We wont own you or anything ridiculous like that, we’ll just be a platform to help get your talents out. We’ll even have a PR and promotions team to help spread the word.

How can you audition?

It’s simple, just follow the instructions and rules below!

Who can apply?
– Anyone who can sing in Korean – you don’t need to be able to understand, but since it’s K-pop covers, it’s necessary.
– Anyone who does not work as a professional singer and does not have an agency.
– No minimum age – within reason.

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When can you apply?
– From Jan 5th until Jan 31st – it’s short but we want to get this up and running! We’ll hold more auditions in the future.

How do you apply?
By downloading and filling out this application form.

When you’re finished, email it to!

And if you have questions:

Email us at the address above, or you can contact me directly on Facebook (Freya UnitedKpop), or by email (

Check out our YT Channel here, FB page here and view the audition event page here.


But here’s where it gets even more interesting for you all, we’ve teamed up with music label Universal Music.

Universal, the biggest record company in the world, is currently working with UKP with the aim of finding great K-pop influenced singers and dancers for an exciting new project.

‘I first found K-pop whilst on a work trip to Japan, where I saw SHINee’s ‘Replay.’ Since then I’ve worked with SM Entertainment and Cube entertainment in a song pitching capacity, and was lucky enough to be invited as a guest of SM to their Paris shows in 2011. We’re looking to find great K-pop singers and dancers for an exciting UK based project with UKP, I’m confident that they must be out there!’
Alastair Kinross (Artist & Repertoire – Universal Music UK)

What do you reckon?

So record your cover, fill in that application and send it off to us, because you may what they’re looking for.

Think you got what it takes?

EDIT: To make this clear, Universal Music wont necessarily find someone here, we’re helping them on their way. Our own project is still to go ahead as planned. For those with concerns about Universal Music’s girl band, it’s going to be well researched. The man in charge is a huge fan of K-pop, so don’t expect a stereotypical K-pop band, expect something fresh!


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