Introducing UnitedKpop’s latest project; the UnitedKpop E-magazine. Check out the info below the cut. We’ll be releasing these e-magazines once a month, they’ll feature a round up of most of our posts of that month, plus a little extra. Hopefully as time passes we’ll be able to expand the magazine further and give you all more exclusive content such as interviews and backstage access and so on.

Each issue will be released at the beginning of the month after the content it’s based on, for example, January’s issue will be released at the beginning of February.

Since this is only the first issue, there will be a lot we can improve on so please leave responses on the magazine page. If there are any mistakes, I apologise in advance as I pulled an all-nighter to get this finished, not because it was New Year’s – I still haven’t slept. But I hope the extra hours will reflect in the publication.

So, do you want to see the magazine?

Check it out here and don’t forget to tell us what you think on the magazine wall, or in the comments section below!

Thanks for your support Seoulfuls ♥


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