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Previously last year, I went to SM Town Paris and thought I would never go back for another concert. Seeing that 2PM and UKISS were going to perform at Music Bank urged me to go. Two groups I would never see in Europe.

Sounds biased but I don’t care. I’ve seen most of the groups beforehand. From my vblog, you can see I took the Eurostar and after checking in, me and my friends arrived at the venue at 4:30. Late yes, but the cue was one of the things that scared me the most to and I was glad I wasn’t one of those fans who were there overnight at -8 degrees. 3 hours into the cue and I was afraid of getting frostbite. >_< However I did meet oniontaker who was very nice to meet and had a good talk with on how to get in with a press pack easily.

The venue was massive yet there were plenty of seats in the back which is why I can see why they canceled the 9th date. I can’t lie about some of the concert’s disappointments however. There were two cameras adjusted near the stage that made it diffcult to see and film the artists. The amount of people standing outside were freezing to death and they should have let people in at least at 5:30 and they only decided to let people in at 7:30! Inside, being squashed in the standing area pissed me off. I think it was best for the standing tickets to be sold out as fast as SM Town because this time, the concert was stopped temporarily due to the concert pushing.

Now to press onto the other artists performing. Onew was not there due to his ankle injury and if anyone knows about SHINee that when they are not 5 members, they don’t feel right. Key had a bitch face on but that’s Key. T-ara was good but Eunjung should have stayed in Korea with her injury despite wanting to support her members. SNSD, 4minute, SISTAR and BEAST performed well. UKISS along with SM artists were very popular and were loved in Paris. I have heard 2PM had a lot of energy and were called great performers, I couldn’t see anything with my height and with the people around me but from fancams, I can see why.

Overall, the concert was pretty good. But seeing from a fan’s point of view is not enough, I want more. More artists need to come to Europe especially London!

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