Since it’s Valentines today, here’s a little information on the 14th of every month in Korea. Each month has a designated way for you to show those you love that they’re special to you. These love days are typically celebrated on the 14th of each month and below you’ll find a list of what each month represents.

January 14th – Diary Day: Calendars or diaries are exchanged on this day and important dates are filled in.

February 14th – Valentines Day: Girls generally buy guys gifts, mostly chocolate (don’t worry you’ll get something back next month)

March 14th – White Day: The guy would then buy the girl back a gift (generally non-chocolate)

April 14th – Black Day: Single people also get to celebrate. They get together and eat Jajangmyun (noodles with a black bean sauce)

May 14th – Rose Day: Couples exchange roses

June 14th – Kiss Day: The couples kiss

July 14th – Silver Day: Couples exchange gifts made of silver and announce their relationship to their friends

August 14th – Green Day: Couples dress in green and take a stroll in the woods and admire nature

September 14th – Photo Day: Couples take photos with each other and keep them as memories

October 14th – Wine Day: Since it’s autumn now, a nice glass of wine would be nice

November 14th – Movie Day: Couples would watch a movie together

December 14th – Hug Day: To stay warm in the winter months, the couples share a loving hug

With all this said, it does not mean these dates should limit what you do as a couple on certain days, it’s just nice to have a special day to do things.

UnitedKpop wishes all our readers a Happy Valentines Day!


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