Sometime late last year I was contacted to ask if I was available to have an interview with a University student, as they knew I was a K-pop fan via my videos on YouTube and also because I am part of LoKo – The London KPop Dance Workshop.

Without much hesitation, I responded “yes” and with my dance partner, Tammy, we made our way to St. Mary’s University, where our interviewee Simon interviewed us. But what else is in the video? Well, there’s a small interview from Jeremy Bock who works with Kpop Team, and also performances from f(x) and Girls Day, and also Hyuna  and BEAST from the United Cube Concert. Check out the video after the jump – you might even be in it!

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Former UnitedKpop writer, you can now find me doing K-pop dance workshops in London with Team LoKo.