Although we already published the interview in our last e-mag, not everyone will have seen it, so here’s Tita’s interview with us just for you with a little extra! Check it out below the cut.

Before the MBC auditions, I (Caroline) had been working behind the scenes by phoning the contestants and organising film locations, when the time finally arrived to work on the actual audition day I could not have been more pumped, eager and raring to go. It was truly a great experience and a fantastic opportunity. The highlight of the auditions was meeting everyone; from contestants, to colleagues, and even celebrities in Korea like MBC MC Oh Sang-Jin, plus previous contestants like Shane Hyung Woo Cho and, of course, the amazing Shayne Orok.

The auditions was when I first met Tita, when she came to register, she definitely stuck out from the other contestants. There were many contestants that came dressed head to toe with the complete ‘fan stereotype’. Tita on the other hand looked like a professional performer from the word go; her hair was styled immaculately, she had the black smokey eye makeup, complete with a white and black top that showed off a little bit of her midriff. She looked the part to become a popstar and if you want to become a star, first impression is key. Out of the hundreds signed in, Tita is one of the very few that truly stuck out, her appearance being partly why.

Aside from first impressions, personality is also important in the entertainment industry. After she had done her audition she came back to sign out, and we chatted for a bit about her audition. Tita is one of the friendliest people ever, very approachable and really chatty. She was more than happy to swap stories and engage with everyone else around her, another important quality for becoming a star.

It’s not the first time that she had entered a TV talent contest. Perhaps some of you have recognised her from the girl group “Girl Band” who made their way to the live finals on the X Factor, way back in 2008 when Alexandra Burke took the top prize. Tita has the looks, personality and the experience to be a star.

We’ve kept in touch now and then since the MBC Auditions and I watched her with great interest on the show. Unfortunately she didn’t make it all the way but she still managed to get far! Below, is her exclusive interview with us about why she loves K-pop, her time in Korea but also, her time on the X Factor.

UKP: Please introduce yourself!

Tita: Hi!! My name is Tita Lau

UKP: What age did you start performing and what got you into it?

Tita: I started performing from a very young age. I was 2 when I took up dancing and around 10 when i started singing.

UKP: You auditioned on the x factor and got quite far. how was that experience for you?

Tita: It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I got to meet some great people and do things I never thought I would!

UKP: How did you get into K-pop, who’s your favourite and how long have you been listening to it for?

Tita: I started listening to 2NE1 in 2010, and I loved their style, videos and music. It was just so unique and you can tell each one of the girls is mega talented. So I haven’t been listening long, but I fell in love with the music straight away!

UKP: You also got quite far on the MBC Auditions; how do you compare that experience with X Factor?

Tita: It was very different as I didn’t speak the language! But I enjoyed having a taster of singing in Korean, it was amazing. I was also compared to CL in my audition which I took as the hugest compliment as after all, she is ‘the baddest female’ who wouldn’t want to be compared to her!! It was also wicked to hear K-pop songs when you walk around the shops!

UKP: Do you know any, or are you learning Korean?

Tita: I am learning, slowly but surely. When I was in Korea I was picking phrases up quite quickly, but now I’m back in the UK I am teaching myself and it is quite difficult! But I’m trying very hard, and I won’t give up!

UKP: What do you think of the current successes of the Hallyu wave?

I think, why hasn’t this happened sooner?! My favourite groups 2ne1 and Big Bang are going to be massive when they hit the radio waves here! Theres no-one like them, and everything is finished to the highest of standards. Also I love the unity that they have. Amazing artists all come together to make fabulous music. That doesn’t happen so much here apart from a few features and duets. An english supergroup of artists would be so cool! Maybe Korean artists can inspire our artists to get together!

UKP: If you had to choose, which K-pop act do you think can achieve the most success in the west?

Tita: Definitely, without a doubt, 2NE1.

UKP: In the MBC Auditions: Birth of a Great Star Series 2, you said that K-pop was nothing like you’ve ever heard of before. Why? What makes kpop so amazing to you?

Tita: Everything is so well presented and over the top. Videos are of an immaculate standard and the music is exactly what i love! Pop with an urban edge.

UKP: Do you have any more plans to become a star in Korea? What’s your plan for 2012?

Tita: I am still writing and producing, and I guess if I can get the language down, i’ll probably enter ‘The Great Birth Season 3!’ and try my chances again, if not then I will be returning to Korea to try a few different paths! It was a massive knock back for me when I didn’t get through, but I’ve realised that it wasn’t my time, and that I had to go away and work even harder! So hopefully it won’t be long until i’m back in Korea! Fighting!!

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