UK music store HMV has once again brought happiness to British K-pop fans following the announcement that more HMV stores are to be stocking K-pop CDs, check out more info below the cut.



Paul Johnston-Naylor, the Audio Manager of HMV Oxford Circus recently tweeted the news that many fans have longed to hear. The releases are to be of Cube artists for the time being as interest is expected to sell out the stock and up demand for more artists. So check out your local store on the 26th of March as they could very well be one of the stocking stores.

So far the only store confirmed is HMV in Perth, Scotland. Even if you aren’t a huge Cube fan, please at least show your interest and support to the stores in the effort of getting more CDs stocked. This could be the start of something huge, perhaps one day shops outside of HMV will stock K-pop too.

If you manage to confirm another store, and wish to participate in an article on the full list of stocking stores, please contact with which store you can provide information of.

You can still comment below to let us know which stores are stocking, thank you!

Again, remember to show your support to HMV for bringing us K-pop in stores.


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