This week the 30 K-pop Academy students were invited to popular restaurant ‘Dong San’, with the objective of learning about Korean Cuisine and how to cook some popular Korean dishes.

The restaurant was booked just for the class, which meant the students could spread out into tables or teams. There were 6 teams, each were named after a K-pop group.

First students were introduced to Mrs Kei Jo, who teaches Korean Cuisine and has already written a book on it, as well as currently writing her second book. Mr Kei Jo showed us how to cook Ddokbokki and Kimbab. She gave excellent tips to the students who would then be making the two dishes themselves.

Videos on Mrs Kei Jo’s advice and technique coming soon.

After having watched Mrs Kei Jo cook Ddokbokki and Kimbab, the class were given a ‘master chef’ session in which they had to make both dishes. Team B2ST were the chosen winners and were given a special prize of ddok (The rice cake needed to make Dokkbokki). Each class member was awarded a packet of Seaweed which meant they could make Kimbab at home. As well as a book on Korean Cuisine for the class to read at home.

After having announced the winning group, more food was brought out for the class to enjoy as a meal.


With the completion of the third week of the K-Pop Academy, the 30 delegates have covered a wide range of interesting topics within Korean Culture. So far the students have covered Korea’s history, Korean language, and Korean cuisine.

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