KA week 11 at the British Museum

Photo by the KCCUK, click for full album.

Although a few days delayed, it’s never too late to hear about the on-goings of the KCCUK’s K-pop Academy, and week 11 is no different.

Week 11 marked the last teaching lesson of the K-pop Academy, a program run by the Korean Cultural Centre UK. The idea was to educate 30 selected K-pop fans on Korean Culture. These lucky 30 deligates have become the ‘cultural leaders of Korea’ as stated by the KCCUK themselves!

This week the class took a trip to the British Meseum. The students were shocked to find that there was a whole room dedicated to Korea. (Anyone who hasn’t been yet should definitely check it out, it’s not far from Russell Square and entry is free.)

The KA students were given a tour of the room which featured traditional and contempary ornaments. Students were able to learn a great deal about Korea’s history, not just the history of the South and North but all the way back to the Unified Shilla, and the 3 provinces. It was in some ways a test of what the students had learnt in back in week 1 of the K-pop Academy.

Afterwards the students were given two activities; the first was to complete a puzzle, the puzzle was of a tiger shaped as Korea and the second was to produce a poster which promoted one of the Korean heritage sites. You may view these as well as homework from KA students at the KCCUK until June 1st!

The 30 deligates have come a long way since the first class of the K-pop Academy. As this is the first program of its kind in the world, we hope other Korean Cultural Centres across the globe will start up similar programs. We’re sure that the program will continue in the UK too!


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