This weekend is the May edition of the well known London MCM Expo. Whilst it is a comic con, there’s always something for everyone, and by everyone, we mean K-pop fans too.

Over the course of this weekend’s Expo, we have a few events planned for the K-pop fans in attendance. Although, even though the Expo lasts from Friday until Sunday, we only have Saturday and Sunday events planned.



Some of us will be cosplaying as K-pop idols, I myself am going as Block B’s Park Kyung, and a Facebook group has been created for K-pop cosplayers. Note: If you’re cosplaying as a fellow Block B member, you better come find me! Saying that, I’ll be at all three events, so I wont be too hard to find. Even if you aren’t cosplaying, all of these events are still open to you.

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The K-pop panel is definitely an event to attend as not only will be introducing K-pop to the non-K-pop fans in attendance, but we’ll be answering any questions you might have, regarding anything from concerts to the UnitedKpop site in general.

There are also K-pop stalls selling merchandise at the expo, we aren’t running them – although that would be awesome to run a K-pop stall – but I’m still including them on this list.

Hopefully some of you will pop along, it’ll be nice to meet you all!

Facebook event links: K-pop PanelSaturday K-pop MeetSunday K-pop Meet. (The links listed previously are events on the site, with the same info, but you can’t click attending on those…unless you comment!)


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