YG Entertainment have opened official “global” accounts on the social-networking site Twitter for the groups 2NE1 and BIGBANG.

This will allow BLACKJACKs and VIPs from all over the world to keep up with news regarding the groups (with posts in made various languages).

The new Twitter account will allow the fanbases to unite together and will hopefully work to traverse the cultural and geographical boundaries that, I am sure, many UK K-pop fans are familiar with!

Make sure that you follow @GlobalBlackjack and @YG_GlobalVIP to show your support and keep in the loop.

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There is also a chance for fans to be retweeted and replied to by none other than the ladies of 2NE1!
(This is only on until the 17th January so be quick to get the chance!)

Hopefully, the opening of these accounts signal a bright future for the Hallyu Wave and the existence of K-pop in the UK!!

[Source: AllKpop, Google Images]


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