Yesterday, 2NE1’s new hit single “I Love You” was played on one of Britain’s most popular Radio stations: BBC Radio 1!

British K-pop fans will probably be very familiar with the ladies as members of one of the most popular and powerful female groups in South Korea today.
The girls proved this once more at the start of the month, taking over all of South Korea’s real time music charts with their latest single.

BBC Radio 1’s official Facebook page put up a poll yesterday, allowing listeners to vote for which song they love the most on Radio 1’s Review Show with Edith and “I Love You” took the majority of the votes.

Once again, 2NE1 have made an appearance in the UK media and this can only bode well for their upcoming “NEW EVOLUTION” world tour!

Did any UK Blackjacks manage to catch the song being played?

[Sources: Google Images, AllKpop, Official BBC Radio 1 Facebook Page].


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