Dummy is a London based company dedicated to spreading news about the hottest goings on in the music industry all over the world. Their magazine recently published an article covering the ‘Five Essential K-pop Bands’ for its readers!

Dummy has its own record company (Dummy Records), website AND magazine dedicated to distributing all that the world’s music has to offer.

The article concerning K-pop gave five groups, in no particular order. Giving readers a sample music video from each and a brief coverage of their backgrounds.

The groups and the respective MVs featured were:
2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (English Version)
INFINITE – The Chaser
SHINee – Sherlock
BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby
Girl’s Generation – THE BOYS

The piece is quite complimentary of the artists featured – mentioning high levels of of talent in singing and dancing, as well as their willingness to be open and experiment with many different musical styles and genres.

Be sure to check the article out here!

The appearance of K-pop on the British media’s radar, once again, will hopefully only mean good things for the Hallyu Wave here!

What do you guys think?
Were the choices of artist what you would expect?

[Sources: Google Images, dummymag.com]


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