Pop star Lily Allen tweeted a link yesterday to her over 3.6 million twitter followers of a review of 2NE1‘s latest single “I Love You” on the website of the record label she founded, In the Name Of. The tweet read: “LOVE that we are reviewing K-POP on the site” with a link to the article.

Lily Allen tweets about K-pop and 2NE1’s new single!

It’s a very positive, although short, one which first introduces 2NE1 and K-pop and then gives a short review of the single with a link to the music video at the bottom. Using words like “brilliance” and “amazingness”, the article praises the song for it’s catchiness and style noting particularly the effectiveness of the final rap section at the end of the song.

Lily Allen founded the UK-based label last year after becoming disenfranchised with the music industry. The website focuses not just on promoting it’s own artists but also on highlighting other artists for their music and for other forms of creativity such as fashion and photography. Lily, herself, is known for her love of fashion so perhaps it was 2NE1‘s unique style which initially caught her eye? The tweet also suggests that she is already a K-pop fan.

2NE1 just seems to keep catching the attention of UK media with this single and hopefully this tweet will help the group find many more fans in the UK and all over the world.


Click here to read the whole article.

Our personal favourite line: “Take note, songwriters: THIS is how you write a bridge.”

Yes. Yes it is.


Surely, celebrities like Lily Allen tweeting their love for K-pop can only be a good thing for K-pop in general in the UK? What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.


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