Only a few days after The Independent posted an online article that predicted a bright future for K-pop in the UK, fellow British newspaper The Guardian has cited K-pop in its “A-Z of Pop in 2012” listing!

The list consists of 26 music genres or artists that have been making an impact on the music scene this year, encouraging its readers to give them a try.

Under “K” is K-pop and the author of the article had quite a lot to say about the genre:

” Korean pop isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s currently poised to launch a squeaky-clean assault on western tween affections. Frontrunners in this brand of meticulously produced, turbo-charged bubblegum pop include 2NE1 – who’ve been working with – and BigBang, who beat Britney to a European MTV Award last year.”

As fans of K-pop will probably already be aware, the two YG artists mentioned are anticipated to kick the Hallyu wave up a notch and really show their global potential this year.

It is great to see, once again, that the British media is taking note of K-pop and its UK potential!

Have a read of the original online article here and tell us what you think.

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