Whether you’re a UK fan residing in Scotland or England, there’s going to be a K-pop Halloween party near you. You heard me, there’s going to be one in Scotland too! Want to know more? Then keep on reading!

Cool poster amirite?

First up, the Scottish K-pop party. Run by SeoulRush, the party will be on October 13th and held at The Classic Grand in Glasgow. Entry is only £5 and it’s ages 14+. There will also be a pre-event K-pop meet run by the Scottish K-pop group, so if you’re attending the party, be sure to attend the meet too for a great laugh before hand! You can find the event page for the party here, and the meet here.

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Next up is an event by everyone’s favourite KpopTeam, it would only have been a surprise if they weren’t to hold an event for such an occasion! KpopTeam are well known for their successful K-pop parties in London, so you can expect a great night if you go along. Tickets are £10 in advance or on the guestlist, and £15 on the door and will be held at Revolution Leadenhall. You can find an event page for their party here. They also have a few other event pages up in their group, so check them out too.


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