– the international and English-speaking broadcasting company that is based in Seoul, South Korea is having a global photo contest!

The competition theme is “My K-Life” and participants are encouraged to show an aspect of Korean culture in their life through a creative photograph.

Anyone from anywhere in the world is permitted to enter the competition. All that is required from participants is that the add one of three Arirang related logos (available in the link provided later in this article) and add it to their photograph.

The photograph will then need to be uploaded to one of the social networking sites that the participant uses and the URL or the page will need to be submitted to the site in order for the photogtograph to be properly registered in the contest.

Photographs will be evaluated based on their level of quality, how well they fit the theme and how creative and fun they are. There is also an extra category for the most amount of people you can fit in the picture!

Submissions will need to be completed by the 1st of October and results will be announced on the 15th.

Full details, including prize details, can be found here.

Be quick to get in your submission before the deadline!

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