PSY, who is headed to reach number 1 in the UK Official Top 40 this Sunday after topping the midweek charts this Wednesday, was interviewed today for a two page spread in Britain’s most read daily newspaper The Sun. This follows his interview last week on BBC Radio 1 where he promised to visit the UK if he made it to number 1. In the article, PSY talks about his success, the responsibility he feels as a representative of Korea, his not-so-responsible behaviour in the past and the meaning of Gangnam Style. The article also discusses his world record, the various parodies going around the internet and teaches Sun readers how to do “the Gangnam Style” with a series of photos.

For a paper that is often criticised for it’s closed-minded, sensationalist attitudes, this is actually a quite well-informed and fun article that even explains a little about Gangnam although it does focus quite a lot on PSY’s past scandals. Being interviewed in the UK’s biggest newspaper seems to be proof that PSY has truly made it into the UK mainstream and this can only be good for his future and hopefully the future of K-pop in the UK.


Click here to read an online version of the article, sadly missing the step-by-step tutorial of the dance and let us know: Do you think PSY can maintain his success in the UK and will this have a positive impact on other K-pop acts’ chances at success here in the future? Let us know in the comments.


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