On 18th of May the National Hangeul Museum announced their 2021 photography contest: Hangeul I met. The deadline for the contest is the 16th of August 2021. There will be 30 winners in total. Check it out here for more of the details.

The contest involves capturing moments where we may meet Hangeul within our daily lives. These can be photos of: signboards, tshirts, belongings, bags and much more. Your entry must be original work, as well. 

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The application process involves sending a photo, along with the application form to hangeul_m@naver.com The limit is one application per person.

There are no restrictions on what type of equipment you can use. But, graphically synthesized works are not being accepted. The photo needs to be from 2021, as well.

Finally, there will be many prizes so why not have a go and send in a photo.

Good luck to anyone entering.

SOURCE: https://www.hangeul.go.kr/lang/en/bbs/bbsView.do?bbs_id=13&bbs_no=49&fbclid=IwAR3gkkoPizmJJbtuUeH9-TSe61gdFPjVv7PYZuet3f0d9OyPYhoYHZQPj6Q


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