With highs of 25°C this week, there is only one thing on people’s minds: BBQs. Good tunes and grills go together like hotdog sausages and bread buns. Having tunes playing is an essential, and here are our top 10 for your next grill party.

1.Shinee – View

A slightly unusual choice, but the rhythm and melodic breakdown in the bridge gives off big beach club vibes – perfect for when the sun goes down and you’re not ready to go home yet.

2. Brave Girls – Rollin’

This song has made a revival this year, and with its “tropical beat”, we’re expecting it to ride the airwaves all summer long.

3. SISTAR – Touch My Body

A playlist without the summer queens is an unthinkable thing! Touch my body is a classic SISTAR track, and worthy of a spot on this list.

4. B.A.P. – Feel So Good

Like B.A.P., “I feel so good” -especially when the sun is out! A fun, feel-good song with a lovely increase in suspense before a cracker of a chorus.

5. BTS – Butter

Like the butter on a cob of corn, this song is smooth and good for the soul. It’s a shiny new track from the global sensation BTS, and we’re here for it!

6. ATEEZ – Wave

The “Hakunamatata” cry, the reggae-inspired beat, the palm trees in the music video, there is nothing that screams ‘summer’ that is left unchecked by this track.

7. Girls Generation (SNSD) – Party

No party soundtrack list is complete without this song. It’s got the funky instrumentals to back it and the carefree vocals to match.


A bubblegum pop track that has been riding the TikTok wave of success which even those without an interest in KPop are likely to recognise when the chorus rocks up.

9. Treasure – My Treasure

Here’s a slower song to unwind to. While the song starts slow, it doesn’t take long for it to pick up steam. The slow synth sound is kept, but the overall sound becomes more positive.

10. B.I.-Waterfall

A slightly more edgy track to end our list, but one that is bound to keep people dancing!

We’re ready for the summer outside with our friends! Are you?


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