By now, every K-Pop fan must be aware of PSY’s hit ‘Gangnam Style’ that was released back in July. But PSY is only now enjoying his new-found overseas fame thanks to the dance single.

It seems that everyone wants to know how to – as PSY himself puts it – “Dress classy and dance cheesy”. So the Channel 4 programme Sunday Brunch enlisted the help of K-pop dance workshop company LoKo to show them how it’s done.

For those that have not heard about it before, LoKo is a London-based K-pop dance workshop that was started in September 2011. The team strive to hold dance workshops that cover the latest K-pop dance crazes. People of all dance abilities are welcome to join and all are encouraged to have a go and have fun.

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Yesterday morning, the leader and founder of the company – Tammy Jane Mejia – featured on the sunday programme and taught the presenters and guests (including a few members of the band CoverDrive) how to do the trademark ‘Gangnam Style horse-dance’.

Despite the fact that the segment was confined to a very short time-slot, you can see that all who were involved seemed to enjoy themselves and managed to nail the dance moves quite well!

Missed the programme? Find it here on 4oD at around the 54min mark.

If anyone is interested in attending any of the LoKo workshops, check out their official Facebook page for details.

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Former UnitedKpop writer, you can now find me doing K-pop dance workshops in London with Team LoKo.