Considering Psy’s popularity in the UK, it’s not hard to believe that other KPop Idols have started to get attention. SHINee had their moment in Bliss Magazine last year after their performance at the Odeon, UK KPop Concerts have been advertised and reviewed, now Girls’ Generation have their own feature in the UK’s fashion magazine “LOOK”.

In this article, they mention their popularity in South Korea and their TV performances in America, but that’s not all. LOOK Magazine have also revealed that Girls’ Generation are set to release their English song “The Boys” in the UK on 20th December, and that they are due to release an album all in English! Unfortunately you won’t be finding that in your Christmas stockings as it’s due to be released next year.

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Check out the article in the picture below! (CREDIT: Korean Class Massive and for the image)



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