To celebrate our release of the UK greetings message from Block B (and upcoming release of our interview with them), our affiliate Kpop Mart has kindly donated a copy of their Blockbuster album to giveaway! It’s great to be a UK BBC right now, huh? So what do you have to do, you ask. Keep reading to find out.

We’re only giving away one copy of Blockbuster to a lucky BBC, so if you want a chance to win, make sure to do the following!

  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook – this is a giveaway for UnitedKpop readers!
  • Sign up for an account on Kpop Mart’s site, and send them an email with your full name, registered email and the giveaway info*
  • Finally, comment on this article!
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And that’s it. This will also qualify you for future giveaways.

The closing date is the 13th of December at 6PM with the winners announced shortly after. (That’s 2 weeks to enter)

Although it’s not neccessary for the giveaway, be sure to join the UK fanclub for Block B on Facebook!

*Basically just saying which giveaway it is you are trying to win – as we’ll be having more in the future!

NOTE: For UK residents only

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