After becoming the Most Liked song in YouTube history, Gangnam Style has made headlines once again by becoming the Most Watched video on YouTube.Yesterday, PSY’s MV scraped past ‘labelmate’ Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ to gain the number one spot. Gangnam Style now sits at 813,457,481 whilst Baby has 804,250,990.

If PSY can hold his position as Most Watched video, he will have his second World Record under his belt.

Whilst it seems many K-pop fans are over the Gangnam Style mania, it looks like it wont be fading from the Western market any time soon with it still holding strong in the UK charts at number 7 with frequent radio plays. We can only hope PSY’s next hit will be a fraction as successful.

He previously revealed that his next release will be a combination of English and Korean, and the dance will be sports themed.

Do you think PSY can achieve another World Record?


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