U-KISS recently held a concert in Lima (Peru) for the large fanbase the group has in the country. The huge success of the event has been noted by the BBC News channel.

The report features interviews with the a few of the fans as they lined up outside the concert hall – one mentioned that she even slept all night outside in the cold waiting for the event.

Fans could be seen screaming and going crazy whilst holding a variety of U-KISS banners as the BBC reporter (Alpa Patel)  notes that the K-Pop craze is far from over if these fans’ reactions are anything to go by.

The language difference is mentioned during the news report, but U-KISS’s leader SooHyun is quick to mention that this is clearly not that big of an issue as fans can enjoy their music for a variety of reasons.

I think it is always good to see K-Pop groups taking note of fanbase presence outside of the typical international countries that they may be more likely to target (such as the USA). I bet it gives a lot of hope to fans in smaller countries who are hoping to get the chance to see their favourite artists!

You can watch a video of the news report here.

Do you guys think this is another big step for the Hallyu Wave?
Let us know your opinions!

[Google Images, bbc.co.uk].


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