HyunA Ice Cream
A few days ago, ‘The Guardian’ website posted an article in their “New Music” section on Hyuna’s latest single ‘Ice Cream’.

The article is full of praise for the K-Pop star and it is clear that the author of this piece (Michael Cragg) is a big fan on the K-Pop genre in general.

 “If we lived in a fair and just world it would have been girl group 2NE1’s amazing I Love You or 4Minute’s Volume Up that would have traversed the language barrier and scored a worldwide hit, rather than Psy and his LMFAOisms. In fact, if anyone could follow Psy’s success it would be 4Minute’s very own HyunA…”

It is quite refreshing to see such a well-rounded article about K-Pop from a British journalist which, since the global success of ‘Gangnam Style’, seems to be quite hard to come by.

Still, it’s great to see K-Pop being recommended once again by a British news platform to its readers.
The author even mentions PSY’s cameo in the music video to try to attract as many listeners as possible.

You can read the original article here.

As always, let us know what you think about the article!

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