Alexandra Burke
– winner of ‘The X Factor’ series of 2008 – will be performing with the K-Pop group Block B at a concert in Malaysia this year!

The concert is known as the “2012 H-Artistry” concert and has been known in past years to invite many different artists from all around the world to perform on its stage.

The British popstar Alexandra will reportedly be collaborating with the members of K-Pop group Block B at the event!

Other acts known to be performing are Havana and Starkillers.

Many BBCs will probably agree that this collaboration will be an interesting one, but anything that could strengthen the bonds between the UK and South Korea is a good thing in any K-Pop fans book, right?

What do you guys think of this collaboration?
Are there any British artists you think would work well together with K-Pop artists?

[Source used: Google Images,].


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