With Halloween upon us, I figured now was the best time to do some kind of post inspired about the wonderfully dark MV for ‘It Hurts’ by 2NE1. This MV contains the epitome of Halloween-ish style, so what better time is there than now to do a fashion inspired post?

This video is full to the brim with gothic, luxurious clothing and unsurprisingly, most of it is designer. Park Bom and Dara both sport floral lace dresses from Christopher Kane’s A/W 2010 collection, while CL and Minzy wear accessories and fur jackets from Chanel, specifically the Karl Lagerfeld A/W 2010 collection. Park Bom’s ring is also designer; the skull ring is by Alexander McQueen.

Considering the real outfits in this MV would have cost a fortune, I’m going to show you how to copy some of 2NE1’s spooky style at a fraction of the cost! Let’s start off with Park Bom.



The key elements to Bom’s style are the embellished dress, the high boots and her teal coloured hair. To recreate this outfit yourself, you might prefer to go with a plain black dress and simply add a statement short necklace. You could also add a black lace parasol for authenticity, and these can be purchased quite easily on eBay. A long, teal wig wouldn’t go amiss either, if you’re not quite committed to dying your hair!

In this MV, Bom wears blood red nail polish, and has fairly simple makeup. To achieve her eye makeup, simply line your top eyelid with black eyeliner (make sure it’s quite a thick line, but a small wing on the end) and apply thick top lashes.


  1. Tamsin Metallic Print Beading Bodycon Dress – £20.00 (boohoo.com)
  2. Jeanette Black Leather – £60.00 (Office)
  3. Black Studded Baroque Step Hem Dress – £19.99 (New Look)
  4. Katy Perry Double Lash Oh My – £6.95 (Superdrug)
  5. Gold Diamante Skull Ring – £6.99 (New Look – also available in silver)
  6. Lauren Black Lace Up Shearling Lined Boot – £35.00 (boohoo.com)
  7. Lilley Women’s Imitation Suede Faux Fur Wedge Boot – £24.99 (Shoe Zone)
  8. Avril Embellished Top Bodycon Sleeveless Dress – £20.00 (boohoo.com)
  9. Gold Tone Encrusted Skull Ring – £12.00 (River Island)
  10. ASOS Jewelled Shard Necklace – £25.00 (ASOS.com)



In this MV C.L.’s look in is my favourite, as it’s all about the big (Hopefully faux) fur and dramatic hair and makeup. The key points to C.L.’s style are the massive fur coat, defined lower lashes and intricate accessories. Recreating this look exactly may be a little difficult, so combining faux-leather leggings and high-heeled boots with a furry collar or tippet is the way to go.

C.L.’s makeup looks a little complicated at first, but it’s actually very simple to achieve! Start off by either painting your nails silver or black, and then for the eye makeup use either a dark grey orblack eye shadow over the eyelid up to crease. Then using the same shadow create a dramatic straight out wing, and to get her unique lashes you can do several things; put on single lash inserts on the bottom lash line, draw them on with eyeliner or shadow, or buy false lashes that come in this style. Depending on which of her two styles you are going for, go for a wine colour or nude lip.

In this MV C.L. wears some pretty boss cobweb earrings, but I couldn’t find any that weren’t tacky or the right size, so I’ve made some suggestions of other styles of earrings you could choose for a similar effect. Plus, you never see what kind of top she’s wearing under her jacket, so I took a guess.

  1. Hed Kandi Lash Disco Heaven – £1.99 (Superdrug)
  2. Grey Faux Fur Tippet – £25.00 (River Island)
  3. Just Acces Hjelm Armour Ring – £12.00 (Topshop)
  4. Textured Triangle Earrings – £15.00 (Topshop)
  5. Stone Spike Hand Chain – £10.00 (Topshop)
  6. ASOS Two Pack Spike Rings – £8.00 (ASOS.com)
  7. Feather Jacket – £90.00 (Topshop)
  8. Charlotte PU and Ponte Insert High Waisted Trousers- £20.00 (boohoo.com)
  9. Martini Spike Hand Chain – £20.00 (Topshop)
  10. Gosh Lace Up Knee Boot Black PU – £45.00 in sale (Office)
  11. Black Cross Stud Mesh Body – £19.99 (New Look)
  12. Amy Brown Faux Fur Coat – £30.00 (boohoo.com)
  13. Hook Claw Ring – £3.75 in sale (Topshop)
  14. Gold Spike Hoop Earrings – £4.99 (New Look)



Wild and unruly hair aside, Dara’s look is by far the easiest to achieve. The key points to her style are her black dress, the chunky metal cuffs, and dressy masculine shoes.

Her makeup is very simple too, as she wears her nails white with black tips, and her eye makeup only consists of a small wing starting from middle of the eye rather than the corner. It’s almost a half wing.

  1. Silver Zig Zag Diamante Cuff Bangle – £7.99 (New Look)
  2. AX Paris Black Studded Chiffon Sleeveless Shirt Dress – £28.00 (New Look)
  3. Tracie ¾ Sleeve Ribbed Skater Dress – £18.00 (boohoo.com)
  4. Macho Lace Up Black Leather – £45.00 (Office)
  5. Rhinestoned Cross Cuff – £ (Forever 21)
  6. Filigree Heart Locket Necklace – £4.90 (Forever 21)
  7. ASOS Hinge Swirl Cuff – £15.00 (ASOS.com)
  8. Dimpled Cuff – £5.65 (Forever 21)
  9. Emilio Cavallini Black Tights – £15.00 (Topshop)
  10. ASOS Claw Cuff Bracelet – £8.00 (ASOS.com)
  11. Black Drop Waist Raglan Short Sleeve Dress – £22.99 (New Look)
  12. Boy Oh Boy Black Leather – £65.00 (Office)





Minzy’s look in this MV is very doll-like, and the key elements to her style are the cute collar, a head accessory and blood red shoes. Recreating the dress with this kind of collar can be pretty tricky, so best to choose  similar style dress and add a collar necklace to achieve the same effect.

Minzy’s makeup is also pretty simple; black nails, and for the eye makeup she has shimmery white eye shadow all over the lid with a  light grey or silver colour through all of the crease line. Make sure this line isn’t joined up with the bottom, and then add black liner which is thick and slightly winged. Finall add some lashes to complete a doll-like look.

  1. Cat Fascinator – £8.00 (Topshop)
  2. Black Beaded Flower Alice Band – £4.99 (New Look)
  3. Netted Cloche – £28.00 (Topshop)
  4. Over The Top Wedge Suede Burgundy Black – £70.00 (Office)
  5. Chain Drape Cape Necklace – £35.00 (Topshop)
  6. Black Gem Drop Chain Bib Necklace – £12.99 (New Look)
  7. Multi-tube Capelet – £35.00 – (Topshop)
  8. Black Lace Peek-a-boo Bodycon Dress – £24.99 (New Look)
  9. Deep Red Suedette Chelsea Wedges – £22.99 (New Look)
  10. Eylure Naturalite Lashes 101 – £5.25 (Superdrug)
  11. ASOS Statement Pharaoh Collar Necklace – £35.00 (ASOS.com)
  12. Silver Tone Spiked Necklace – £12.00 (River Island)
  13. Black Flower Embroidered Cape – £25.00 (River Island)
  14. Red Print Fringe Flatforms – £35.00 (River Island)
  15. Black Slash Neck Bodycon Dress – £9.99 (New Look)


I hope you enjoyed this Halloween edition of Get The Look! Would you ever wear any of these styles? Let us know! See you next time.


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