Power vocalist, Taeyeon, made a comeback with her second studio album, ‘Purpose’, on October 28th. The album itself made it to number 1 on the real time album charts. The singer’s album even peaked at no.11 here in the UK.

The SNSD vocalist’s comeback song, ‘Spark’, doesn’t just portray her impressive power house vocals. It also show’s us a chic and sexy style to the singer in the alternative pop MV.


The MV itself comes across as very classy and powerful. Taeyeon definitely shows us this within her fashion. Adorning Italian silk coats from, CHAE New York, and metallic, feather-trimmed dresses. Taeyeon sports a slicked back style. Each outfit seems simple, as she is dressed in mostly all black for each outfit, besides some white boots and a red silk coat. The style of the MV’s fashion may seem simplistic, but accessorised just right and pulled together, it makes the outfits just that bit more high fashion and on trend. Not all of us can afford to dress like a Taeyeon MV. But we can recreate the look for a just as powerful feel.

Taeyeon wears a black blazer dress, chunky heels and gold chains within her MV. This really exudes her powerful aura. the look itself is not just sexy, it is also high fashion. Which is why it is a perfect choice for a party or special occasion!

Check out the look below as well as Taeyeon’s MV and let us know what you think of her style!


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