Halloween has finally arrived and the spooky season is fully in session. Whether you plan on escaping into the night to embark on a horror (or just Halloween inspired for those who aren’t so fond of scary movies) film marathon or to dressed to the nine to hit the club scene, we wish you a Happy Halloween!

In the K-Pop scene, there are a number of references made in the music videos when thinking on the topic of Halloween. Though, far fewer have songs that are dedicated to the day. For this SOTW, we’re featuring a throwback track. It’s none than ‘Trick or Treat‘ by solo artist Grace!

The single was released in 2016, from the moment it starts it holds no punches. It gets straight to the point with the opening line of ‘Shit or Sugar‘, which draws on the title by suggesting that depending on the answer she gets – you’ll either get tricked or you’ll get a treat. It’s most definitely an ear-worm song and just perfect for this season.

You can check ‘Trick or Treat’ out below and let us know what Halloween inspired songs you like to listen to from the K-Pop world.


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