MONSTA X fans across the globe are uniting in an attempt to bring Wonho back.
On 31st October, it was announced that MONSTA X’s Wonho would be leaving the group in an attempt to protect them from recent scandals, providing a handwritten letter.
Since then, the trend “#원호탈퇴반대” (Against Wonho Leaving) has become the no.1 trend worldwide on Twitter. Other worldwide trends include his name and the group itself.
There is also a petition to bring back the singer, which has already gained over 100k signs.
In the past week, the singer has been subject to two scandals.
The first saw Wonho, alongside Minhyuk, seemingly mocking the #MeToo campaign. Both have since apologised for the interpretation of their words.
However, it is the second scandal that is believed to be the reason for his departure.
On Tuesday 29th October, Jung Da Eun uploaded a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Hoseok (Wonho’s real name), when are you going to pay me back?”
The two had known each other from their ulzzang (a term given to those considered to be good looking) days.
Starship Entertainment announced these claims were false.
This led ex-YG trainee Han So Hee to chime in, claiming the amount was 30 million won. She also went on to claim the singer had spent time in a juvenile detention centre on “special charges” and had driven whilst underage.
The ex-trainee has been involved in many other scandals, including T.O.P (Big Bang) and B.I (iKon). She also claimed that she had seen BTS’ V at a club when they were both nineteen.
It is uncertain whether there is any truth to her words this time, as neither Starship Entertainment or Wonho have confirmed or denied these incidents.
What are your thoughts on this situation?

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