Idols certainly know how to make an impression with their fashion sense, especially at the airport! From comfy clothing to striking outfits, what they wear is always unexpected. However, this list will show relaxed and casual styles that are perfect for any sort of journey you may make after lockdown! It is no surprise that these designer labels and high-end clothing will come at a cost… However, you can steal their look on a budget too!

Kim Namjoon (BTS)

bts airport fashion | Tumblr

Namjoon shows a more casual style in his attire. He still holds a strong presence, even when wearing double denim.

Rose (Blackpink)

BLACKPINK Rosé's Fashion Look at Incheon Airport on May 16, 2019 ...

Rose obviously knows that simple is best when it comes to comfort. Her cropped top and baggy jeans are perfect for the warmer summer months.



4minute Hyuna Airport Fashion | Official Korean Fashion | Korean ...

Hyuna is very well known for her bold and striking appearance. However, perhaps sometimes it is nice to go more casual for those long plane journeys. Hyuna’s light clothing certainly seems to provide the comfort she needs.

Takada Kenta – JBJ/JBJ95

PD 101 S2 & PD X 101 on Twitter: "[PRESS] 170818 Kenta @ Gimpo ...

JBJ95’s Kenta shows a more cutesy style when it comes to airport fashion. With his oversized denim dungarees and a printed white tee, he certainly likes to keep things simple! But simple is best!

Kim Sehyoon/ WOW (A.C.E)

Wow | A.C.E It's so hard not saving every picture of Sehyoon I see ...

Now, you cannot beat an oversized jumper when it comes to being comfortable! The unlimited space a baggy hoodie or jumper offers is perfect for long journeys! And A.C.E’s WOW certainly seems to be the King of comfort!

Who says you don’t need to be fashionable for the airport? K-Pop idols certainly prove this wrong! Even with a simple jumper and a pair of jeans, the airport is turned into a catwalk runway!


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