Dreamcatcher is a girl group like no other. With their far from trendy metal-infused sound and their hard-earned success after rebranding (they debuted in 2014 as MINX), they’ve left the well-trodden idol path to make their own.

Their latest comeback, Piri, contains all the gothic-Kpop elements they’ve come to be known for, and yet, their outfits are more accessible than ever.



Dreamcatcher is unique not only in sound but also through their visual look. They wore sinuous wrap dresses in deep burgundies and blacks, complete with sleek satin lapels for their debut. While for more recent comebacks they’ve rocked monochromatic outfits detailed with oversized metal pins and barely-fastened peek-a-boo sleeves in patent leather.

Just like in their previous comebacks, Dreamcatcher’s colour palette brings the vibrancy of red against silken blacks and whites. The girls contrast structured blazers and skinny cigarette pants with willowy, draped silhouettes.

Dreamcatcher do dip into current fashion trends by way of their accessories, however: multiple metallic hairclips, baker boy hats, and extra wide waistbelts all make a grand appearance.

We picked a handful of items to get started. Check them out below!

  1. Dream Gal White Maxi Dress – Tobi  – £67
  2. Tailored Button Front Blazer – Boohoo – £19
  3. Brixton Fiddler Cap – Surfdome – £32
  4. Simple Leather Waist Closure – DCY – £30.80
  5. Double Breasted Boxy Military Blazer – Boohoo – £22.80
  6. Red Cold Shoulder Ruffle Detail Maxi Dress – Pretty Little Thing – £35

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