Rookie band A-PRINCE has revealed that they will be holding their first tour around Europe next year, and the UK is one of their proposed stops!

They have named some of the countries that they will visit during the tour, which includes; France, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Netherlands and Hungary.

It is being said that the tour will be held from 25th April until 12th May, but no specific dates for each country as of yet.


(A-PRINCE isn’t a band I’m particularly familiar with, so for any of you out there in a similar situation…)

An introduction to A-PRINCE

A-PRINCE debuted in November of 2011 under the name of TAKEN with their song ‘Young Boy’, but since then have undergone some pretty radical line-up changes. They were originally a six-member band but the past few months have seen three of those members leave, and two new ones join. The group even changed their record label, and after all this thought that a new name was in order too, and changed it to A-PRINCE at fans suggestions.

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As a new band, A-PRINCE debuted again in November this year with their track ‘Hello’, which is an unadultered cuteness explosion. A-PRINCE also released an MV for their song ‘You’re the only one’ back in July of this year, but their official debut stage was with ‘Hello’.

Fresh from their debut promotions, their plans for a European tour may seem like a surprisingly ambitious move to some people as A-Prince aren’t the most well-known band or that popular outside of Korea. Most K-pop bands will tour Korea and other Asian countries before even thinking of going to other continents, so this is pretty unusual. I’ll be very interested to see how this tour works out for them, as I honestly have some misgivings as to whether it’ll be the success they’re undoubtedly looking for.

Well, good luck to them, I say. As a wise man once said; he who dares, wins.


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