UKP Entertainment is the entertainment agency type project we launched last year in January. Throughout the year we learned a lot of things, and have decided to overhaul the project. 

Previously, we held online auditions and then a select number of people were chosen to be a part of the project, as would happen in a real agency. Of course, not being a real agency there were a lot of things we couldn’t do, but nevertheless it was an exciting project which aimed to help promote the talents of UK fans.

However, many members were often bogged down with commitments and we spent a long time considering how we could make the project less time consuming. So here we have our new plan.

The new plan is that UKP Ent is open to all. We have a Facebook group which UK fans can join and share their talents. The best of the week will then be rounded up and uploaded to our YouTube channel. Each uploaded video will have links to the original upload and the coverist’s YouTube channel/fanpage etc – whatever is relevant.

The idea is for it to become a community project for UK coverists, where you can all promote yourselves freely.

Through the Facebook group we can also organise events for members, such as group photoshoots, as we did previously with UKP Ent as a closed group.

Hopefully the revamped idea will work well! Be sure to join the group if interested. Let us know what you think in the comments!

(UKP Entertainment: Group | Facebook Page | Twitter | YouTube)


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