Top 10 Female K-Pop Dances 2012!

So you’ve seen the Top 10 Male K-Pop Dances of 2012 and now here come the girls! From the fun and playful to the down-right sexy, here is your countdown of the top 10!

10) Son Dambi – Dripping Tears

I had been looking forward to Son Dambi’s comeback for a while and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It has a really catchy tune with a Lady Gaga-esque music video. I had to include the video in the top 10 dances because of how effective the dance looks. I urge you to watch the video and learn it yourself. But please don’t try to dress like those crazy looking back-up dancers.

9) Miss A – I Don’t Need A Man

I’m never normally that much of a fan of their title songs (I always preferred their other songs to the ones they promote) but in 2012, Miss A put an end to that tradition with their bouncy, playful and catch as hell “I Don’t Need A Man”. Instead of busting out some highly complex choreography, Miss A kept it simple with dance moves reflecting the carefree, content life of a single lady. What a refreshing change from other K-Pop girl groups!

8) Hyuna – Ice Cream

Hyuna adds sauce of a different kind to our helping of ‘Ice Cream’ in this cute AND steamy (something I think only Hyuna could pull off) routine which shows her flashing her bling bling diamond ring and sitting on a man doing press ups. Putting that bubble bath scene and the erm..squirting cream from the err… chest aside, Hyuna shows off some seriously sexy dance skills which helped increase the fanboy demographic in K-pop momentarily.

7) Fiestar – Vista

Rookie group Fiestar exploded onto the scene with their rather different debut song ‘Vista’. Here the girls displayed an unbelievable abundance of energy in their lively, dynamic choreography. And in quite basic outfits, ‘Vista’ shows that these girls don’t need the designer gear to put on a very enjoyable dance spectacle. ¡Ay caramba!

6) Wonder Girls – Like This

Everyone loves a song which tells you how to do the dance. Unfortunately, you’d have to understand Korean to follow this song. And on top of that the Wonder Girls whizz through the steps at a speed too difficult to follow. Nonetheless, the video and dance is so fun that I can’t stop smiling watching it. It has a real flash-mob feel, only with people who can actually dance. I feel that if the dance wasn’t overshadowed by Gangnam Style this summer, it probably would have been a bigger hit in Korea.

5) Secret – Poison

Hands down my favourite song and dance by Secret. For me it was a darker, sexier take on ‘Twinkle’ by Taetiseo earlier on in the year. The naughty bosom bouncing, thigh rubbing moves left me a bit shocked (I always had Secret down as an innocent, cutesy group) but with a jazzy tune and smouldering glances, the music video maintains a lot of class. Sexy done well.

4) Sistar – Alone

Speaking of sexy done well, Sistar had a practically unstoppable year in 2012 with ‘Alone’ leading the way. When I first heard the intro to the song, I was half expecting the girls to be modelling Marks and Spencer’s Finest Food range. But then the iconic dance started – that leg lifting, body waving sultry choreography which became not only Sistar’s most iconic dance but also one of the most iconic dances for K-pop in 2012.

3) BoA – The Shadow

BoA is highly regarded as being the best solo female dancer in Korea and after many years on the K-Pop block, I was beginning to wonder whether BoA and her choreographers had anything new up their sleeves. And of course, they did, including some unique ‘finger dances’ at the beginning. BoA struts around in her skyscrapers and nautical hat, fitted at a jaunty angle, to bring the sexy to BoA’s bold dance.
I really hoped that SM would release a dance version of the video but unfortunately that wasn’t to be.

2) BoA – Only One

Queen of dance, BoA features for the second time on this list and narrowly misses out on the top spot. ‘Only One’ features some incredibly clever choreography (with some Western back-up dancers too!) and I was so glad to see a dance version of the music video this time. Despite having a somewhat slow and relaxed tune, BoA’s dance is more explosive, energetic and crisp than ‘The Shadow’. With the looks, the voice and the moves, BoA certainly left a lot of fans scratching their heads this year.

1) Afterschool – Flashback

I never had myself down as ‘playboy’ material but Afterschool changed all that in 2012. The 8 goddesses of Afterschool performed my favourite dance of the year (choreographed by Kyle Hanagami) which includes slow motion drops to the floor, extensive hair flicking and the sexiest dubstep breakdown since Hyuna’s ‘Bubble Pop’. I wouldn’t advise that you try this dance in public – unless you’ve got some industrial sized wind machines lying about, you’re more likely to look like a flailing fish out of water than deity descended from the heavens.

And there it was! The best of K-Pop dances 2012! So who did it better this year – the boys or the girls? Let’s hope that 2013 brings us even bigger and better dances to enjoy!


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