Good news for 2NE1 fans in the UK!!

Hallyu UK and 2NE1 UK fansite ukYGqueens have teamed up to present an exclusive DVD screening of 2NE1’s New Evolution tour so if you want to meet fellow Blackjacks and fanboy/fangirl together over your favourite fiery foursome’s electrifying live performance (in wide-screen cinema glory) do not miss this opportunity.

The DVD screening will take place at HMV Curzon in Wimbledon, London on Monday 6th May at 4pm and is scheduled to finish at approximately 6pm. Tickets cost £10 and are unreserved/general admission so if you want a good seat, best to get to the cinema as early as you can.

Deadline for payments is 20th April and tickets are selling fast. You can pay with Paypal through website ticketscript or if you don’t have a Paypal account you can pay via eventbrite


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