One of the episodes from Channel 4‘s documentary series The Greatest Shows On Earth focused on Korea and provided coverage of Infinity Challenge as the country’s representative for one of its greatest shows.

Daisy Donovan, the presenter of The Greatest Shows On Earth, met the cast of Infinity Challenge who asked her if she knew who PSY was then explained they were in said singer’s popular Gangnam Style video. Daisy happens to be a fan of PSY thus recognised the comedians right away.

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Here are two short clips from the Infinity Challenge episode with Daisy Donovan as a guest. Click the read more cut to find the video links.

First clip shows Yoo Jae Suk using his mobile phone to call up PSY so Daisy can have a quick chat with him. What a lucky woman.

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The other hilarious moment involves a language barrier. Watch and you’ll see what I mean.

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