We’re back with this week’s K-pop Music Video Breakdown, where we’ll be looking at B.A.P’s ‘Warrior’ video. Standing now at just over eight million views on TS Entertainment’s official YouTube, this array of chains, leather and crazy light displays was a fierce beginning to B.A.P’s career.

First impressions are powerful, with the members clad in studs and heavy industrial boots making an impact upon first appearance and giving a new meaning to the term ‘blonde bombshells’. The dark outfits matched with the LED …bunny and his hot pink lazers are aesthetically pleasing; it’s a sharp set and looks modern, whilst still fitting into the video’s concept. The more colourful studded leather biker jackets are worn by B.A.P in the graffiti-ridden warehouse set and, when paired with bright green lazers this time, consolidate the thought that you probably shouldn’t mess with these guys. Each member is individually shown in his own part of the set with shaky camera angles which add to the overall chaos of the video. The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit in is the human skull, pictured over and over and over again…

One thing that does tie in with the concept is the dance; fit for the boxing ring, the dance for ‘Warrior’ holds nothing back. Threatening advances, power stances and no shortage of wild arm flinging (that would no doubt hurt if you happened to get in the way) make for an unforgettable routine that leaves anybody watching feeling slightly exhausted. It’s easy to imagine the toll the dance takes on the B.A.P members. The cherry on top is the slow motion clips that are sprinkled throughout the video, capturing the most awesome points. Alongside the routine are the short clips of the members freestyling, industrial boots and all, offering even more flavour to the dance side of the video.

Vocals are spot on for the entirety of the song, mixing low, gruff whispers with higher, smoother hues. One highlight of the song hits us in the face when Zelo commences his rap at inhuman speeds in the second verse. Despite his young appearance, his facial expressions are fierce but playful and the segment shows that the song is still going strong at this point and isn’t succumbing to a predictable pattern.

Things only get better when the song makes way for, what is possibly, the coolest breakdown in Kpop ever. Formations are tight and choreography is set to the new beats, not forgetting those slow-mo shots showcasing swift footwork that is (literally) kicking up the dust… Dust that just so happened to appear on the floor especially for this part of the video..? Even with the dubiously dirty flooring, the breakdown throws everything it has at us before paving the way to some powerful vocal acrobatics, which, in turn, bring us to the final chorus of ‘Warrior’. Unfortunately for B.A.P, the warehouse just got really breezy and the other set spontaneously burst into flames. Seemingly oblivious to the contents of ten dustbins flying at their faces, the group continue their routine with extra ferocity until completion, with the exception of young Zelo who begins to point his finger like a gun at his fellow members. When he eventually gets ‘shot down’, personally, I am left confused. While the story is entertaining, it didn’t run throughout the video so it seems somewhat out of place. Regardless, it makes for a bold ending to what has been an extremely bold video and, again, that exhausted feeling creeps back.

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tLooPlf2Sw&w=560&h=315]

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