BAFTA Awards 2012 - Arrivals - London
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Today’s ShortList Magazine has an interview with popular British actor Tom Hiddleston, who is well-known for his nemesis role as Loki in Thor and The Avengers. He discusses his UNICEF challenge ‘Live Below The Line’, which he was halfway through when ShortList interviewed him, as well as previous films and upcoming works including Thor 2 The Dark World and a new Jim Jarmusch vampire film with fellow British actress Tilda Swinton.

It seems Tilda had a lot of fun with Tom when they weren’t filming as he explains she was the one who gave him his first taste of Gangnam Style.

“I’d be in the make-up chair every morning while she showed me stupid YouTube videos. She introduced me to Gangnam Style. Seriously, she was into K-pop long before anyone else. She threw a party for me. Tilda Swinton on the dance floor is a force of nature. She knows how to get down.”

Is it possible Tom may have encountered other Kpop artists in the process? Who knows? Perhaps Tilda’s YouTube playlist did not just involve Kpop or Gangnam Style itself but other kinds of silly videos not necessarily music-related. Or Tom was inspired and did his own Kpop researching soon after Tilda showed him the Gangnam Style video. One could always ask him on his official social networking sites.

Can you imagine Loki/Tom dancing to Psy’s catchy track? It certainly peaks my curiosity. Well another Marvel cast member by the name of Robert Downey Jr attempted his own version at the Iron Man 3 premiere in Seoul.

Tom’s full interview with ShortList Magazine can be read here


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