For the first time ever, a K-pop girl group will debut with a European member!

MGMC Korea revealed to us that their group ‘The Gloss’, are an all girl group consisting of four members. Although two of them are Korean, with one Korean-American, there’s the unexpected addition of Olivia, who is of a French nationality.

The 4 girls were scouted during auditions through America, Europe and Korea, and although many auditions have happened in Europe for K-pop, this is the first time a European has been chosen to debut! So, if you’re putting off doing a K-pop audition because you’re not Korean, now you know that you still have a chance!

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The Gloss will release their first video through their yet to be revealed official YouTube channel today, May 30th, at 0:00AM (KST) along with the opening of their official Facebook page. For us in the UK, that’s today at 16:00PM. They’ll also be revealing a cover video to showcase the members talents prior to their official debut in a few weeks.

Although Olivia will have the extra pressure of learning Korean, what do you think of this change? Do you think it’s good that K-pop is becoming more international? Or should they just stick to Korean and Chinese artists?



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