SHINee‘s back… literally! This is the second time SHINee have appeared here, following the success of their ‘Dream Girl’ promotions. Having proved more popular with you in the poll than 2PM and B1A4, the group, minus Jonghyun (as a result of his nasal injury), have returned to our weekly feature so let’s take a look at their video for ‘Why So Serious?’…

It has been noted that SHINee’s outfits in this video had hints of typical ‘British’ patterns, but alongside this, the tailoring of all the outfits is incredible. This is most notable in the ‘white’ costumes, where all the variations of suits have contrasting lapels and pockets, fun slogans, and even small yet interesting details; for example, the bone necklace Minho is wearing underneath his collar. Most sets of clothing follow a colour scheme but each outfit is constructed from different garments and so they all look individual.

The song itself is yet another example of SHINee’s ability to take on new song styles and genres with each comeback, with ‘Why So Serious?’ being their take on a classic retro rock song. While we might not be used to seeing this style in K-pop, the song has been successful, even with the group’s main singer missing from most of the promotions. The transitions between each section of the song are smooth and each riff is catchy enough to sustain itself. The only hiccup to be heard is the repetition of the phrase ‘colour rouge’, which takes on a wild transformation to something along the lines of ‘colour loozh’, but the arrangement and performance of the song as a whole is done well.

The choreography fills up most of the video and while it cannot be said that the formations and transitions are particularly interesting, the components of the choreography are unique. No matter how hard you try, you won’t find the moves copied or adapted from other choreography points within K-pop, since everything either fits into the zombie/vampire theme or is original to this particular routine. Without describing each individual move, it’s hard to describe just how intricate this dance is, though it may look simple at first glance.  The intricacy would become clear if a person was to learn the routine, as each portion contains so many angles and levels. Not to mention all the jumps!

Check out the music video below!





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