A few days ago you may recall our article on PSY meeting Queen guitarist Brian May, with the intention of discussing a possible collaboration.


Brian May confirmed in an interview at the Kerrang! Awards black carpet that the collaboration will happen and explained how he and PSY met for brunch to discuss ideas. He’s humbled over how Queen inspired the Gangnam Style singer to get into music in the first place.

“I met the guy and we had a very interesting chat,” he told MTV News UK. “He’s a very thoughtful man and a significant artist. He’s also encyclopaedic about Queen and says the reason he wanted to sing is because he saw Queen at Wembley ’86 on video.”…”We have a couple of ideas, so yeah I’m up for it.”

Naturally this has caused quite a reaction from fans who say such a collab would not work because PSY is a popstar but Brian doesn’t seem too bothered and is willing to think outside the box when it comes to new music compositions.

“A lot of the most interesting stuff happens when you interact with someone you never would’ve dreamed you could interact with.”

So readers there you have it. Brian May & PSY. Certainly the most random collaboration we’ve recently heard about but both musicians have extensive experience in the music industry. For all we know we might be very surprised with the finishing product.

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