British newspaper The Guardian, previously tipped SNSD to have potential in the UK market back in November of last year and have even called them K-pop leaders, the girls were also featured in their intro to K-pop all the way back in December of 2011. Now the ladies in pink are back in the papers once again with news of their world tour in the June 9th edition of The Guardian.

The newspaper featured a large image of the girls at the press conference of the beginning of their world tour in Seoul, which kicked off on June 8th in their World News section. The image is simply captioned, “South Korean K-pop group Girls’ Generation line up in Seoul yesterday before their world tour.

Could the coverage from The Guardian be a tip that that SNSD might be bringing their tour to the UK? After all, the girls have previously expressed their interest [*] in performing in the UK, and leader Taeyeon even spent her holidays here, not to mention the time Tiffany, Yoona and Seohyun attended London Fashion Week.

Would you like to see a London stop on the Girls & Peace World Tour? Let us know in the comments, show SM that the SONE force is strong in the UK!

(Img cr; soshified, thanks to Michael Do for the tip!)

[*] – Citation needed.


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